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Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas
Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas

NBS®90 PolySort

TGW NBS technology includes sorting of polybags and “non-sortable”. 

NBS90 PolySort Product Mix

We are proud to introduce the TGW Systems NBS90 PolySort— the newest sorter in our family of proven NBS sortation technologies. The NBS90 PolySort is the best value in new technology for sortation of mixed polybag and carton handling. The new design enhancements prevent polybags from sagging between the belts while high-friction natural rubber transfer rollers provide maximum grab on slippery polybags. Individual, automatic, pneumatic, belt take-ups provide even belt tension on each individual belt and extra high and low transfer lifts with guides to keep polybags from snagging.

The NBS90 PolySort is capable of belt speeds up to 300 feet per minute and can be used with an extreme range of mixed poly and Jiffy envelopes, and products, including small parcels and packages from 2 ounce to 40 pounds.

These features and more, make the NBS90 PolySort extremely adaptable to a wide range of ecommerce and direct to consumer needs. In addition, it is an industry-proven technology in the already established NBS family of sortation products by TGW.

  NBS90 PolySort Small Box     NBS90 PolySort Poly Bag

 Technical Data

> Product Weight Range: 2oz to 40lbs

> Max. Rate: 50 CPM (Higher rates are possible contact Applications Engineering for testing)

> Product Size: 4” x 4” x 2oz to 24” x 28” x 40lbs.



Specifically designed to handle those hard to divert loads

Polybags, flats, envelopes and cartons can now all be sorted on the same sorter

Nine, closely packed carrying belts

Prevents loads from dipping below the surface

Extended divert lift range, raised and lowered

Keeps poly bags from snagging on structure

High friction natural rubber transfer roller coating

Provides maximum grip to divert the slickest loads

SEW Movimot divert drive motor

Powerful, instant acceleration for all diverts

Direct drive, 97% efficient gear motor sorter drive

Eiminates drive train maintenance

Individual belt take-ups

Provides for even, consistent belt tension across all belts